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Tsouratakis Georgios Machine Shop - Mold Construction - Mechanical Works - Piraeus Attica


Injection Molds are used for the production of plastic objects in presses, where the plastic melts with its heating and flows into the mold from a point of the injection cavity. In the mold there are the appropriate mechanisms so that when opened, the piece is released.
Our many years of experience and know-how contribute to the easy and quick completion of each such matrix. Our technical staff, using injection technology, can ensure the manufacture of molds regardless of size and applications. This technology allows the machining of the parts of the molds that require detail in the design.

Specifically, this company provides services such as: 

  • Mechanical work of all types
  • Welding of metals and components
  • Plastic molds (injection)
  • Cutting Molds
  • Injection Molds